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For 2017 we are continuing to grow the MRCHA club membership

MRCHA is an AMA chartered club sponsored by the AMA and thus all members must follow AMA guidelines to sustain our AMA sponsorship.  In order for a club to exist it needs to have registered members and all members will have their AMA memberships verified.

So why should you buy an AMA membership?

The number one reason you should purchase a AMA membership is so that you can help fund the single organization that is working diligently to protect your privilege to fly r/c models. As of recent, many law makers have attempted (and are still working) to diminish our flying privileges. There is no other national organization that is working to help the r/c community. Unless you plan to battle lawmakers yourself, think of the AMA as your voice to be heard. The AMA has been battling on both state and national levels to keep our flying sites open. They have been working with the FAA and Congress to be recognized for its safe flying members. They are currently working with the FAA to setup guidelines which will set hobbyist and commercial unmanned aircraft apart. This is huge and it needs our support! Without the AMA to protect us we could easily lose our favorite past time.

Other than working to protect your flying privilege, the AMA also provides you and our club with an insurance policy. In the event of a major mishap, (should you lose control of your model and injure or kill another person or damage public or private property) this policy could be used to help protect you and your family from losing everything. This insurance policy would take affect after your personal insurance has reached its limitation. Think of the AMA insurance as a handy backup to keep some lawyer from stripping everything you own.  This is completely synonymous to your homeowners or drivers insurance. You just never know when you may need it and you’ll be thankful when you do.

Three other reasons you should possess a AMA membership

  • You would have access to the AMA headquarters flying site in Muncie Indiana. If you only make it there once in your lifetime it would be worthwhile. The place is HUGE and beautiful.
  • You would be able to join AMA sponsored clubs like MRCHA and attend events sponsored by AMA clubs. There are many fun fly events throughout the year in MN that are held by AMA sponsored clubs. I highly recommend you come fly at one as they are a lot of fun! Keep in mind you will need a full AMA membership to fly at a AMA sponsored field. Park memberships do not qualify.
  • Each month you will receive a Model Aviation magazine. It’s a great magazine with a lot of good articles. They even have a nice helicopter and multirotor section.

If you have not done so yet, please join the AMA! www.modelaircraft.org

Thank you.
Pete Fuglestad
MRCHA President