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Why register?

All member dues support MRCHA-hosted events, nothing more and nothing less.

MRCHA members are granted free access to single-day events hosted by MRCHA. Members also save $10 off event registration fees at larger, multi-day events.

Single-day events typically require 1/2 or full-day field rental fees at the hosting club’s field. Some of these single-day events also provide a meal. Unfortunately, MRCHA dues cover less than what is required to host the larger events. Therefor, these events have registration fees for all pilots who attend. Registration fees support field rental fees (3-4 days), additional on-site restroom facilities, raffle prizes, and professional pilot expenses.

By joining MRCHA you are doing your part to help make these events possible.

By joining MRCHA you agree to all of our rules. All violations will be met with board member review and possible revocation of club membership without refund: View our member rules

Registration for a MRCHA membership requires current AMA membership and FAA registration. Please provide your AMA ID and the last name registered with the AMA membership for verification. MRCHA accepts Open class and Park Flyer class memberships but only Open class members will be allowed to fly at MRCHA and AMA sanctioned events and flying fields/clubs. For more information regarding the two classes please visit the AMA site.

Why does MRCHA require AMA?

To register for 2017, please fill out this application: MRCHA Application